Biograd na Moru (Biograd n/M) is a town, harbour and turistic center which administrativly belongs to Zadar county. It is situated 30km south of Zadar. It lies on peninsula surrounded with marinas looking onto the uforgettable sea strait of the Pašman canal and the islands scattered in it.


That is one of the reasons for rich touristic history. On its north side is a bay Bošana, and on southern bay Soline. In front of the town are islands Planac and St. Katarina (with beacon). Average air temperature in january is 7°C, and in july 24,5°C with average annual rainfall of 840mm. In Soline bay you can find big, public sand beach surrounded with pine trees. The neighbourhood of national parks Kornati, Paklenica, Krka and Plitvica lakes, and also nearness of cultural and historycal cities of Zadar, Šibenik and Knin, and small towns Nin, Skradin and Benkovac, gives to guests of Biograd the possibility of excursions and trips in areas which are included in the most beautifool parts of Croatia. The touristic growth of Biograd has started in between two world wars. The first guests, Czechs, started to come in Biograd during 1920´s. Numerous cultural, entertaining, and sport events are in offer during summer months. Biograd is a center for yachtmens whose destination is Kornati archipelago.


Regattas, sailing schools, and other nautical acitvites are organised thru complete year. Biograd marina´s have thousand moorings in the sea and two houndred places on the land. They are opened thru complete year. In Biograd you can also find modern tenis center and number of sport-recreational contents souch as sailing school, swimming school, diving school, board sailing, water skiing, mini golf, jet-ski, beach volley ball, fishing, parasailing, and big bicycling track around Vrana Lake long 40km. Around houndred meters from the center of the town there are a stream of various pebble and sand beaches with cristal clear sea. Along the whole town shore there are spread numerous small beaches which can be perfect for those who want to retire from the hustle. Big nummber of restaurants and caffee bars for certain will provide you to complete your moments of rest or entertaiment in evening hours. Biograd is a locall trading and transport center, with good conections towards it´s hinterland, around coastal settelements, small towns and island Pašman. Thru town is passing main adriatic road, and cca. 15km north is junction Benkovac on highway Zagreb-Split. Biograd is a center of it´s riviera which include St. Petar on the sea, Turanj, St. Filip and Jakov, Biograd, Pakoštane and Drage, and also settelements on island Pašman: Tkon, Kraj, Pašman, Barotul, Mrljane, Neviđane, Dobropoljana, Banj i Ždrelac, and Vrgada on the same named island.


According to population list from 2001. nummber of inhabitants in Biograd is 5259. Situated in nearness to Zadar and Split airport , on main touristic road, Biograd get the life force out of the beauty of the town and attractions of it´s surroundings, which makes it entice destination for nice holiday in beautifull nature. Even though Biograd offers rich cultural and entertaiment life, sea, sun and the beautifull beaches are the real trump of this white city. The long Pašman canal is ideal place for sailing and all other acitvities on the sea, but the real paradise for izletnike i nautičare are the Kornati islands. Thanks to its position on the center of adriatic coast town Biograd has good trrafic connection to others part of Croatia and the world.


– airport Zadar/Zemunik – 20km
– airport Split – 120km
– Ancona-Zadar, Biograd-Tkon
– Biograd-Zagreb: 287km
– Biograd-Split: 132km
– Biograd-Rijeka: 233km
– Biograd-Osijek: 499km
– Biograd-Dubrovnik: 340km
– Biograd-Beč: 638km
– Biograd-München: 755km
– Biograd-Milano: 721km
– Biograd-Prag: 932km
– Biograd-Budimpešta: 628km
– Biograd-Bratislava: 696km
– Biograd-Nürnberg: 923km

GPS coordinates Biograda su: 43°56´N 15°27`E